HEALTHspot Elite Wellness Kiosk


Simple device for private weight measurement in the home, workplace, or retail setting.

HEALTHspot® kiosk confidentially collects and transmits Body Mass Index (BMI) data to the incentaHEALTH data center via an encrypted Internet connection. An optional blood pressure module is available.

Automated measurements; no additional manpower required to administer program.

Participants enter private measurement room to automatically record weight and photo once every 90 days.

A private, digital photo taken at each screening allows the participant to see their visual transformation over time. Participants report that this visual chronology of their success is a key motivator that keeps them engaged in the program.

Patented design takes under sixty seconds per screening.

Here’s a quick walk through of the HEALTHspot® Elite Wellness Kiosk.

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