Prevent Diabetes with a Virtual CDC DPP

The incentaHEALTH #PreventDiabetes program is a CDC fully recognized virtual Diabetes Prevention Program that reduces Type 2 diabetes risk, improves health outcomes and can reduce healthcare costs. Our virtual prediabetes classes can help prevent and manage prediabetes.


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All Tools To Prevent Prediabetes In The Palm Of Your Hand

#PreventDiabetes provides 365 days of support and tools to help individuals eat healthier, move more, manage stress and lower their risk for developing Type 2 diabetes and prevent prediabetes– all from the comfort of their home.

  • Daily App-Based Coaching
  • On-Demand Webinars Following CDC Curriculum
  • Smart Scale for Remote Monitoring
  • Certified Diabetes Lifestyle Coach Support
  • Nutrition Coaching and Meal Ideas
  • Workout Videos and Guides
  • Cash Incentives For Behavior Change

Diabetes Prevention and Prediabetes Management For Any Population

Our virtual Diabetes Prevention Program can be scaled to reach any population, whether you’re looking to impact the health of your organization, your employees or your patients. We work with employers, cities and municipalities, insurers, brokers, healthy systems and individuals.


  • Behavorial Economics Engine
  • Research-Backed Behavioral Science Coaching
  • Digital Health System with App, Email, Online, Live Person.
  • Real-Time Wellness Analytics

Evidence-Based Program with Measurable Outcomes

Our turnkey, scalable program can help you reduce healthcare costs. As your employees adopt healthier behaviors, see the results with your own wellness analytics.

  • Dedicated Client Manager
  • Wellness Analytics
  • Turn-key Program
  • Scalable for Businesses of All Sizes

Achieve Measurable Outcomes


of engaged are losing weight

16-to-1 ROI

based on BMI improvements

1.7 Years

average weight loss duration

So, what are you waiting for?
Lower employee health risks today!

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