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INFOGRAPHIC: What do consumers think about the role of social media when it comes to wellness? We asked 1,158 adults to find the answer!

Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, smartphones and text messages. We live a world of instant gratification. To keep a consumer engaged, information must be available at the touch of a button or swipe of a screen. Not only is this transforming our personal lives but also the way we approach wellness. Every two years, incentaHEALTH [...]
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Don’t Sabotage Your Corporate Wellness Program: Part 1

If you are one of the many companies across the nation who has adopted a corporate wellness program to encourage a healthier lifestyle and reduce health insurance costs, congratulations! You already know that a healthy employee is a happy employee, and productivity and loyalty will rise in your favor in return. But there are small things [...]
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