Don’t Sabotage Your Corporate Wellness Program: Part 1

corporate wellness programsIf you are one of the many companies across the nation who has adopted a corporate wellness program to encourage a healthier lifestyle and reduce health insurance costs, congratulations! You already know that a healthy employee is a happy employee, and productivity and loyalty will rise in your favor in return. But there are small things around the office that can sabotage a wellness program and make it harder for your employees to succeed.

Culprit #1: The Vending Machine

It’s great for a mid-day snack or a drink on a hot day. But what are you offering to your employees? If your vending machines are full of sugary snacks and sodas, and bags of chips loaded with trans fats, you’re making it harder for your employees to stay away. You don’t have to banish unhealthy snacks entirely, but make sure you are offering healthy options as well, like nuts and fruit bars and low sugar juices.

Culprit #2: The Conference Room

Big meetings happen, and it’s great to offer refreshments for the long haul, or if the meeting is during breakfast hours. But think twice before bringing in a spread of danishes, bagels and muffins. It’s hard enough to resist those when they’re nearby, let alone at the table in front of them.

There are small but significant ways you can make sure your employees know that you encourage a successful employee wellness program and you want them to succeed. Keep reading for more hidden ways you may be hurting their efforts instead of helping them.


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