How to Stay Healthy When Everyone in the Workplace is Sick

Staying Healthy at Work
You can prevent catching workplace illnesses with these tips!

Working in a contaminated environment can be rather uncomforting as you greatly hope to avoid your co-workers illnesses. It is to be expected that sick individuals will still come into work, subsequently increasing your risk for catching the same illness. What do you do to stay healthy when it seems that everyone in the office is sick? You may think that it’s inevitable to keep the sickness away but by taking the appropriate preventative actions you can greatly reduce your risk for catching an illness in the workplace. Here are a few ways to stay healthy when it seems that everyone in the workplace is getting sick:

  • Stay hydrated. Make sure you are staying properly hydrated to help keep any sickness at bay.  The Institute of Medicine determined that the adequate water intake for men is roughly 3 liters per day, and for women about 2.2 liters per day.
  • Get quality sleep. High quality sleep is essential for good health, especially during cold and flu season. When we are sleep deprived, our immune system is weakened and our bodies are much more susceptible to developing a sickness like the cold or flu. The best time for reparative and restorative sleep for the body has shown to be between the hours of 10pm and 2am.
  • Eat smart. It might seem like common knowledge, but those who eat the healthiest often have the strongest immune systems. Fill your plate with an array of non-starchy vegetables to receive the most nutrition per calorie, and therefore keeping the immune system running strong with a surplus of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Wash your hands. Stop the spread of disease-causing germs and wash your hands often. By frequently washing your hands, you will wash away germs that you may have picked up from direct, or indirect, contact with co-workers and/or contaminated surfaces. Keep your hands clean by washing them with soap for at least 20 seconds. If using the sink is not an option, hand sanitizer in a suitable replacement, however, it is not as effective as using soap and water.
  • Take your vitamins. Vitamins deliver essential nutrients that you may not be getting from your diet. Not all multivitamins are created equal, so do your research and know your body’s individual needs.

As you can see, there are plenty of measures you can take to stay healthy in the workplace. If you do catch an illness, stay home and rest up for a quicker recovery and to prevent infecting others. If taking work off is not an option, be sure to keep coughs covered and hands clean in order to help reduce the chance of spreading your illness. If you find yourself getting sick regularly, consider making changes to your lifestyle. Request information from your employer on the employee health programs they may offer to increase your knowledge and improve your overall health and well-being.