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incentaHEALTH Launches New Visual Approach to Diabetes Prevention

The incentaHEALTH team is excited to announce our latest program launch: the new virtual diabetes prevention program called incentaHEALTH + Prevent Diabetes. Our award-winning weight management platform offers an intrinsically pleasurable approach to disease prevention and curbing the obesity crisis through visual weigh ins and cash incentives for weight loss. incentaHEALTH + Prevent Diabetes will cause [...]
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incentaHEALTH Program Found to Significantly Reduce Community-Wide Cases of Obesity Related Illnesses, Saving $47.3 Million in Medical Costs

A recent study assessed the lifetime health and economic impact of a scalable community weight loss program for overweight and obese adults. The study evaluated more than 30,000 at-risk adults who were participants of the Weigh and Win program, comparing their BMI improvement to chronic disease mitigation. The results showed an astounding 16:1 return on investment [...]
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incentaHEALTH Hosts 3rd Annual Summit, “Collaborating for Change” with Kaiser Permanente, the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Other Industry Leaders

On Sept. 13, 2017, digital health company incentaHEALTH, hosted Colorado community health initiative Weigh and Win’s 3rd Annual Summit, “Collaborating for Change.” The day brought together healthcare leaders, nationwide influencers and Kaiser Permanente leadership for a full agenda of interactive workshops, panels and facilitated networking. The event focused on collaboration and our changing health care dynamic. [...]
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Diabetes365: Weigh and Win Program Proves Huge Success

Published by Diabetes365 on Apr 29, 2017 by Matt Schmidt A study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine showcased the success of a Colorado-based initiative designed to help communities, especially those on a low income, to take control of the outcome of their health by achieving weight loss and subsequent weight management. The initiative [...]
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Journal of General Internal Medicine incentaHEALTH

Community-Based and Technology-Supported Weight Loss Program Experiences Viral Growth; New Study Finds it May Contribute to Reducing Health Disparities

71 Percent of Engaged Participants Lost Weight DENVER, April 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Of the more than 40,000 people who participated in a cash-incented, technology-based weight loss program, an impressive 71 percent of engaged participants lost weight, according to a recent study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. The study of the Weigh and [...]
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9News: Is it Safe to Stretch Before a Workout?

Should You Stretch Before Exercising? Liz Rittiman, , KUSA 5:30 AM. MST February 15, 2017 Let’s be honest, we’re all in a hurry. We’ve got tons to do and it’s hard enough to fit in a workout. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could shorten your exercise time by not stretching beforehand? Well, maybe! [...]
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