Work Hard, Stay Healthy

It’s easy to forget about your health mission while on the job. Here are some tips and tricks to make your health a priority during your work hours.

#1: Avoid the break room snacks! Unless someone brings in a veggie platter, break room snacks are typically a bad choice! These of course can be tempting but do your best to resist the urge. Try encouraging your coworkers or management to bring in healthier options, or better yet – bring your own to share!

#2: Drink plenty of water! Staying hydrated helps your body function properly and curbs hunger. Keep a large water bottle on your desk to sip throughout the day.

#3: Take a movement break. This could be a walk at lunch, some between meeting stretches, or if you can a quick workout in the middle of your day. This not only burns those calories that you are not burning while sitting at your desk, but also serves to de-stress, energize and re-focus for the remainder of your day.

#4: Pack or pick a healthy lunch. It’s safe to say that post lunch, food-coma naps are generally frowned upon at the office. If there is anything your body and brain are needing mid-day, it’s some good fuel! Filling up on meals that may be heavy in carbs, high in sugar or low in nutrients will only make the rest of the day more difficult. Fill up on foods that will provide energy and brain power!

#5: Be screen smart. Use blue blocking glasses, place your screen at least an arms distance away, and take plenty of breaks to look out the window and away from screens. Too much stress on the eyes can lead to headaches.

#6: Most importantly, be your best advocate! Take a break when you know you need a break, don’t skip lunch, stock up on healthy snacks and learn to say no when you need to.