Coronavirus and the Holidays

COVID-19 has changed every part of our lives this year and the holidays are no exception. This year you will just have to be creative (and honest) about the healthiest way to celebrate the holidays with loved ones. Take it as an opportunity to create new traditions, and reflect on what truly brings you joy this holiday season.

Holiday Blues

While the holidays are usually a time of happiness and celebration, it can also be a time of anxiety, sadness, stress and loneliness for some. The ‘holiday blues’ can be even more heightened this year due coronavirus anxiety and having to change or alter our normal holiday plans. There are a few ways to help manage your seasonal depression.

  1. Don’t isolate yourself. Well you might need to PHYSICALLY isolate yourself, you can still stay connected to loved ones with text groups, video chats and phone calls. Outdoor gatherings are also a great way to connect safely with others.
  2. Stay active. Physical activity plays an important role in preventing and reducing symptoms of depression.
  3. Be open to new traditions. Let go of how the holidays should have been, and embrace what they are and can become.

Creating Pandemic Friendly Traditions

It’s time to get creative and figure new ways to connect with friends and family.

  1. Outdoor Gift Exchanges – Exchange gifts in your festive front yard or a park. Bring warm beverages for adults and kids and some invidually packaged treats to enjoy and take home.
  2. Virtual Get Togethers – Have a virtual holiday happy hour with friends. Cook a new recipe together virtually and judge who’s looks the best when you’re done (anything can be a competition).
  3. Standing Video Chats – Have a standing nightly video chat with loved ones each night of Hannakah and light the candles and celebrate together.

Whatever you do, plan shared experiences with the ones you love – even if you have to share those experiences distantly.

Friendly Reminders

Make safe decisions. If you choose to host or attend a holiday get-together, refrain from hugging, practice social distancing, wear a mask when appropriate and move gatherings outdoors if possible. Don’t forget to wash your hands often – there’s no better way to keep yourself well (from the coronavirus and the common cold) then to wash your hands frequently. Use warm water and soap and sing the Happy Birthday song twice.