Managing Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a happy yet stressful time. Take care of yourself this year and manage your stress. Focus on being mindful, present, and thankful for your family, friends, health and well-being.

Practice Gratitue

This year has been tough, and the holidays are no exception. For every bummer, find a silver lining or three things you are grateful for. Bummed family gatherings are canceled? Think of the positives: you don’t have to clean your house or cook/bake all day for a house full of guests. Unable to travel this year? You’re saving money!

Setting Boundaries

We are all energy depleted in this new era. Setting boundaries is one way to protect your energy. This can be saying ‘no’ to attending a holiday get together or sticking to a budget for holiday shopping. If it isn’t a ‘heck yes,’ check in with yourself to see if it is something you need to put parameters around. Put a date on the calendar where you relax and take care of yourself: whether that’s a long bubble bath, quality time with family, listening to a guided meditation or alone-time doing a favorite hobby.

Disconnecting and Turning Off Screens

Each night, set a ‘bed time’ for your electronics. This means your phone, tablet and TV. Allow yourself some decompressing time before bed to read a book, catch up with your partner or take a bath. Make sure you’re spending quality time connecting with people in your household. Put your phone down and truly be present with those you care about.