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incentaHEALTH’s Weigh and Win program nominated for Denver’s Healthy Communities Awards in the ‘Innovation’ category

incentaHEALTH's Weigh and Win program recently received a nomination for Denver's Healthy Communities Awards in the 'Innovation' category. The team filmed a segment with Denver's Channel 8, photos are below. About Denver's Healthy Communities Awards: In an effort to encourage and recognize the efforts of partners dedicated to furthering the City of Denver's work in ensuring healthy, livable [...]
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Monitored Weight Management = Better Results

Many options exist for carrying out an employee weight loss challenge, and not all are created equally. incentaHEALTH stresses the importance and reliability of corporate weight loss challenges that utilize tracking, whether by a HEALTHspot® kiosk, or other monitored means. Self-reported data is a poor way to judge the weight loss of a participant in a [...]
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Reducing Health Care Costs with a Healthy Workforce

With health care costs constantly on the rise, there is an increasing interest in workplace health initiatives that are designed to help employees improve their health and well being, while also helping reduce health care costs. There are a large number of health issues that affects today’s work place, with obesity being one of the biggest [...]
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