Reducing Health Care Costs with a Healthy Workforce

With health care costs constantly on the rise, there is an increasing interest in workplace health initiatives that are designed to help employees improve their health and well being, while also helping reduce health care costs. There are a large number of health issues that affects today’s work place, with obesity being one of the biggest issues. The nearby graph of common health issues affecting American adults shows just how pervasive issues like obesity and diabetes have become. With a strong concentration on improving nutrition and encouraging a more active lifestyle, employers are now helping provide their employees with tools that can lead to a healthy lifestyle, all while reducing health care costs.


The United States spends a staggering $177 billion on obesity and related diseases, which in turn drives up the cost of health care. Fully insured employers face ever-increasing premiums. Self-funded health plans struggle with increased claims levels. The opportunity here is that an estimated 75% of all medical claims are tied to disease driven by lifestyle choices. People are missing work more often, and visiting the doctor more than usual because of health problems that can be avoided with a healthier approach to diet and fitness.

Using behavioral economics and gamification to engage employees in wellness programs such as weight loss competitions, many employers are consistently encouraging a healthier workplace. The result is reduced health care costs, less absenteeism, and happier employees enjoying the benefit of good health. incentaHEALTH helps provide these employers with the tools needed to create a healthier workplace, which can help save money on health care, and create a more productive and illness free environment.

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