incentaHEALTH Launches New Visual Approach to Diabetes Prevention

The incentaHEALTH team is excited to announce our latest program launch: the new virtual diabetes prevention program called incentaHEALTH + Prevent Diabetes. Our award-winning weight management platform offers an intrinsically pleasurable approach to disease prevention and curbing the obesity crisis through visual weigh ins and cash incentives for weight loss.

incentaHEALTH + Prevent Diabetes will cause you to reimagine your obesity and diabetes prevention strategy.

incentaHEALTH + Prevent Diabetes is built on our company’s award-winning behavior change platform and features, with 26 weekly webinars, live support from diabetes educators and a gamified dashboard for participants to interact virtually. The program is based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Diabetes Prevention Program and has pending-recognition status.

Here at incentaHEALTH we provide a solution for reversing the rise of the obesity crisis, known to cause a string of comorbidities. We are the only platform to effectively engage today’s distracted consumer by leveraging a patented photographed weigh in using a HEALTHspot™ kiosk and creating a fundamentally motivating experience. We also harness the power of social tools like Facebook to allow participants to share their health transformation visually with their social network, boosting effectiveness through social support from their peers. The results include high participation rates, durable behavior change and sustained weight loss.

A study recently published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found 71 percent of engaged participants in our weight management program to have reduced their BMI, with 34 percent of those participants achieving a 5 percent or greater weight loss. These results were sustained for an average duration of 1.7 years.

Additional research, published in Preventive Medicine, reported a 16:1 return on investment across all race and ethnicities, saving the insurance payer an estimated $47.3 million over the study population’s lifetime.

“Our breakthrough discovery was harnessing the power of visual results,” said Todd McGuire, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of incentaHEALTH. “By capturing and displaying the participant’s image each time they hop on our scale, we have transformed a traditionally dreadful experience (getting on the scale) into an intrinsically pleasurable event. This “Healthy Selfie” creates a visual record of their weight loss journey and becomes a powerful motivator, leading to long term weight improvements.”

Our mission is to reward 100 million people for healthy eating, active living, and disease prevention. We are looking for partners to pilot the diabetes prevention platform in community, clinical or corporate environments. Email [email protected] for more information.

More About incentaHEALTH: incentaHEALTH is a digital health company with headquarters in Denver, Colorado. As a leader in measurable wellness programs, incentaHEALTH’s system is designed to help organizations and communities reduce health care costs. The program utilizes gamification by offering incentives to individuals for improving their health. incentaHEALTH helps people manage their weight through the use of interactive app, email, and text message coaching, weigh-ins on private kiosks in corporate, community, and home locations, and cash rewards for sustained weight loss success. The patented HEALTHspot® kiosk takes full-length digital photos and keeps a secure, cloud-based record of each participant’s weight, blood pressure and body mass index (BMI). Organizations throughout the U.S., U.K., Puerto Rico and Singapore have implemented this health care solution for their populations and have reported significant success. Follow incentaHEALTH on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.