Diabetes365: Weigh and Win Program Proves Huge Success

Published by Diabetes365 on Apr 29, 2017 by Matt Schmidt

A study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine showcased the success of a Colorado-based initiative designed to help communities, especially those on a low income, to take control of the outcome of their health by achieving weight loss and subsequent weight management. The initiative aimed to alleviate the occurrence of health discrepancies commonly developed among individuals that are obese. Among the 40,000+ participants, more than 70% lost weight, with more than 30% of participants achieved a body fat percentage reduction of 5% or more – allowing them to generally increase their health standing and decrease their overall concentration of triglycerides, blood glucose level, A1C levels while lowering their risk for developing chronic illness.

Weigh and Win

Over the course of the three-year period between 2011 and 2014, over 40,000 people residing in Colorado elected to participate in the virtual weight loss program, Weigh and Win. The program utilized a cash incentive, and placed emphasis on social engagement between participants and coaches through daily health tips and coaching, as a means of encouraging, inspiring, and maintaining a sense of accountability by transforming what was once an intimidating medical-focused experience, into a comfortable and accepting social atmosphere. Having taken a once daunting medical scale and turned it into an inviting photo booth styled experience, participants found themselves looking forward to discovering the amount of progress they had made instead of dreading anxiety inducing weigh-ins.

Cost Effective

The program proved significantly more cost effective at an affordable $84 annually on average, as opposed to a staggering $258 bi-annually as is seen with competing weight loss programs like Weight Watchers. The affordability of the program made the tech-centered sense of community attainable for those who were not able or willing to afford the hefty membership fee imposed by competitors – extending the program’s capability for reach to individuals of lower socioeconomic class struggling with obesity. The emphasis on social engagement and encouragement provided the added benefit of retention as participants participated alongside a large number of others working towards a similar goal of better health and a slimmer waste line.

Body Fat Reduction

Women represented the majority of the participant count at 79%, while African-American participants proudly boasted the achievement of highest percentage of body fat reduction having successfully lost 5% or more in comparison to their initial assessment. In general, the program study was able to illustrate how incentives, a strong supportive community, and a pleasurable experience contributes to incredible weight loss and improvement of health.

The Weigh and Win program, partnered with Kaiser Permanente, are driven by a civil duty to assist willing participants throughout their weight loss and weight management journeys as the risks associated with obesity, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and elevated blood pressure, are increasingly common amongst our communities. Fortunately, the Weigh and Win health coaches understand that these conditions are highly preventable in that the minimization of risk for developing such conditions can be achieved through proper diet and exercise. Colorado residents age 18 and older are now able to utilize the program free of charge.

The loss of body fat that was seen in the study mentioned above is a great way to help increase your chances of getting approved for an affordable rate on diabetic life insurance. The lower body fat can also help lead you to a much healthier life.

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