University of Colorado LEEDS School of Business profiles incentaHEALTH co-founder Todd McGuire

Todd McGuire, COO/CTO of incentaHEALTH, is profiled in the Fall 2010 issue of Portfolio, the magazine of the University of Colorado LEEDS School of Business.

Todd McGurie Leeds InterviewThe current issue of Portfolio is showcasing alumni in technology. McGuire —who graduated from the University of Colorado in 1994 in Organizational Management and Information Systems—started incentaHEALTH as part of a vision to apply cutting edge technology to the issue of rising healthcare costs. For McGuire, it’s a natural combination of three driving passions: business, technology and health (McGuire is also a Certified Personal Trainer who competes in marathons and triathlons to stay in shape).

McGuire and his business partner Jack Rule designed and developed a health care screening kiosk for the workplace and a technology-based behavior change system (delivered by a daily e-mail and text messages) that gets employees of a company to improve their health using incentives. McGuire was awarded patents in the United States and Australia for remote biometric monitoring systems and data visualization technologies.

Business leaders want bottom line results for their investment in corporate wellness programs. “We can save an employer over $1,000 per year in obesity-related costs for each successful employee we engage in our wellness program.”

The full interview can be viewed online via the LEEDS website.  The story is on pages 16 and 17.

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