Incorporating Self-Care Into Your Life

For some of us, self-care comes easily. For others, it is merely just a buzzword. It is much more than going to the salon once a month; it is the things we do on a regular basis to fill up our own cups after life inevitably pours it out. Self-care is not a one size fits all solution. We may need to practice different forms of self-care depending on the circumstances. Try out different tactics until you find one that feels good and rejuvenating. 

Self-care can be broken down into different categories: 


These are the actions we take to care for our bodies and likely the self-care everyone knows about. Examples of physical self-care include: eating a healthful diet, allowing yourself a sweet treat when the moment is right, moving your body in a way that feels good, visiting your doctor and dentist on a regular basis, getting plenty of sleep, and drinking enough water.


Emotional self-care are the things we do to protect our energy. For some, these are the most challenging to do, but can offer the most support in those times that we are absolutely exhausted. Examples of emotional self-care are: saying ‘no’ when necessary, journaling, practicing compassion, seeing a mental health professional, attending a religious or spiritual gathering, practicing meditation, spending time alone, getting into nature, and practicing positive affirmations. 


Humans are very social beings. We need others around us to feel safe and connected. After all, it takes a village. Social self-care can look like: spending time with friends and family, limiting time on social media, creating healthy boundaries, finding community and creating a support system.


Not all self care tasks fit into the three categories above. The ‘other’ category is for those self care actions we take that support our well being in a more creative way. Some examples include: planning and sticking to a budget, engaging in a hobby (just for fun), reading, creating a safe and welcoming space around you, and completing tasks on your to-do lists. 

Through the incentaHEALTH program, you have access to healthy meal plans, daily exercise routines, and a library of meditations. Each of these resources are a great place to start with your own self-care journey. We know self-care isn’t always glamorous. Sometimes, we don’t want to do it (we have all wanted to eat an entire pint of ice cream after a long day, knowing that a balanced dinner is much better for us). But we have to put our own oxygen mask on first before we help others to do the same.