Our COVID-19 Response for incentaHEALTH Clients

In light of the current environment, we have launched [email protected], a tool to help employees connect with others through this trying time and be given extra tools and resources. All of our recommendations are centered around easily accessible resources and incorporate the entire family. incentaHEALTH is providing the following in connection with this campaign that we hope can be of assistance to you and your employees:

  1. A new Facebook Group, [email protected], has been created. We invite all your employees to join as we moderate and encourage healthy conversation on how to make the best of our current environment.
  2. A Weekly Newsletter, [email protected], is being sent to all employees. In these newsletters, we promote the conversation on Facebook and provide tools and resources to help them adjust to their new normal. This includes ways to avoid sitting all day and healthy snacking ideas, as well as how to stay resilient in these stressful times.
  3. Weekly Blog Posts. Content includes how to stay active at home, “quarantine snacking”, helpful tips for one’s routine, and resiliency tips for mindfulness and stress management during these unsettling times. We include ways to get the entire family involved.
  4. We are also offering a special offer to employees to continue tracking their progress at home with our Smart Scale. Save $40 at check-out with code BEWELL2020.

Anxiety and Mindfulness

  • Stress Management Links
  • Communication Toolkit Links for current clients
  • Printable Flyers

Weigh In Deadline Extensions

With most locations currently unavailable, we are extending the weigh in deadlines for this quarter. Please contact your Client Manager for more details.