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20,000 lbs. lost at the Aurora Central Library!

Colorado’s Weigh and Win™ Program Pays People to Lose Weigh and Awards City of Aurora as Top Kiosk Location

Weigh and Win™, Colorado’s free, community wellness program, has been helping participants to achieve a healthy weight since 2011 through photographed weight measurements, daily personalized health coaching, and cash rewards. That’s right, you get paid to achieve a healthy weight! The program has enrolled over 103,000 Coloradans across the state.

incentaHEALTH, the Denver-based technology wellness company behind the Weigh and Win program, has expanded its program throughout Colorado reaching many impressive milestones along the way, including:

  • Enrolling more than 100,000 people
  • Partnering with more than 100 community kiosk weigh-in locations
  • Delivering 1.2 million fitness and nutrition plans to participants each month
  • Rewarding over $700,000 in cash incentives for weight loss

The Aurora Central Public Library was chosen by the 103,000 participants in the Weigh and Win™ program a top weigh-in location across the state. Participants at this location have lost a total of over 20,000 pounds. Those who voted for this kiosk stated testimonials such as “I have lost 35 pounds, feel better, and my A1c dropped.” When asked why voters think the Aurora Central Library is the best kiosk location, a common response was “The Aurora Central Library is very convenient.  I can stop by on my lunch break, go immediately after work or get up on a Saturday morning and take a quick trip to weigh.  It also helps that it’s a library!  I always walk around and end up checking out a bag full of books while I’m there.”

Members in the program have access to daily meal plans, guided workouts, and live personal health coaches. Partners can participate in hosting a kiosk or using the worksite wellness portal included in the program.

See yourself transform today! For more information or to enroll, visit WeighandWin.com. Interested in becoming a kiosk partner? Email Lia Kleppe at [email protected].