Solvista Health and Chaffee County Public Health partner for Weigh and Win weight loss

January 3, 2019

Solvista Health and Chaffee County Public Health recently partnered to bring the Weigh and Win weight loss program to Chaffee County.

Weigh and Win is a free weight-loss program that pays Coloradans age 18 and older to achieve a healthy weight, according to a press release.

Cash incentives are provided to those starting with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or greater. Other prizes are awarded for participants who begin the program with a BMI of less than 25.

Each participant will have access to personalized health coaching, fitness and nutrition plans, a weekly grocery list and unlimited access to health coaches via text message, email or phone.

Progress is tracked through quarterly, private weigh-ins at the new Weigh and Win kiosk at the Chaffee County Public Health office in the Touber Building, 448 E. First St., Suite 143. The kiosk measures weight, BMI and takes a full-length photograph providing a visual progress report of the participant’s weight improvement.

All weigh-ins are completely private and personal information is shared only with the participant.

Weigh and Win is funded by IncentaHealth, a company committed to helping communities, companies and individuals become healthier through fun, simple and effective wellness strategies, the release stated.

Statewide, Weigh and Win has more than 100,000 participants and more than $700,000 has been awarded. The average weight improvement for a successful Weigh and Win participant after one year in the program is 17.7 pound, or an 8 percent weight loss.

“In just the few months that the Weigh and Win program has been in Salida, 82 people have signed up with a combined weight loss of 244 pounds, which is a strong testimony to the effectiveness of the program,” Mike Orrill of Chaffee County Public Health said in the release.

Research has shown that a weight loss of 3-5 percent can reduce a person’s risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and the need for cholesterol and heart medications.“We are very excited to offer this free program that encourages our community to eat healthy and be active,” Orrill said. “Successful participants will be healthier, feel better and even be rewarded. With the beginning of a new year, now is the perfect time to get started.”

Sign up for Weigh and Win by visiting the new kiosk or at

For questions, call Chaffee County Public Health at 539-4510 or Weigh and Win at 800-694-0352, or email [email protected].

Link to The Mountain Mail article.