52nd Colorado wellness kiosk installed in Canon City

Kaiser Permanente and incentaHEALTH have expanded the pioneering WeighAndWin.com program to southern Colorado.  Two new HEALTHspot® kiosks have been installed in Cañon City.  The Cañon City Daily Record has a good write up on the expansion, and what it means for Fremont County.

HEALTHspot Elite Mobile Wellness Kiosk
HEALTHspot Elite Mobile Wellness Kiosk

Cañon City is using incentaHEALTH’s 4th generation wellness kiosk called the HEALTHspot®.  This latest generation platform is built on the Apple iOS ecosystem and leverages high speed wireless communication powered by Verizon’s 4G LTE network.  This allows for  real-time delivery of encrypted weigh in results to each participant’s online Health Dashboard.  This is important as individuals earn their rewards based on improvements in BMI as reported in their dashboard.

Of the two new kiosks deployed to Cañon City, one is the HEALTHspot Mobile model shown here.  This version can be easily shared around the community to reach the largest population.  The mobile kiosk is simply placed on a table with the built in camera facing forward to record the weigh in.  The results are then sent wirelessly to the individual’s progress report.

You can read the story here.

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