First community-based obesity program powered by incentaHEALTH to be featured at American Public Health Association annual meeting

American Public Health Association
American Public Health Association

Our partners over at Kaiser Permanente submitted an application to have the Weigh and Win program highlighted at the 13th Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association.  We are excited to announce that our program has been selected!

Weigh and Win is the first community-based application of the incentaHEALTH wellness platform.  The program is collaboration between Kaiser Permanente’s Community Benefit group and incentaHEALTH.

The objective of the program is to engage the citizens of Colorado in a measurable program that pays people for achieving a healthy weight.

We’ve installed about a dozen HEALTHspot kiosks across the state to privately measure outcomes without having to use self-reported data.  As of this morning, we have about 3,000 people already signed up and the weight loss tally so far is 3,415 pounds and counting!

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