What’s new on the incentaHEALTH platform?

Here at incentaHEALTH we are continuously upgrading our member experience with new features. While many of our features are driven by client and member feedback, our incentaHEALTH team members are all innovators by nature!

Take a look at what’s new and a few of our classic favorites.

App Push Notification (APN) Message Center (LIVE)

With this APN message center, our health coaches are able to create custom messages for our members to keep them motivated and in-the-know on the latest challenges or when to weigh-in. The push notifications appear on the member’s phone lock screen, so they help bring wellness coaching to their attention even when they get busy

Custom Email Message Center (LIVE)

Our customer email message center allows our health coaches to send important updates via email on the latest challenges, newsletters, and other offerings. Clients now have the ability to customize their own emails! As behavior change experts, we know how important cues to action are in the behavior change journey!

Monthly Step Challenge Leaderboard (LIVE)

Do you have a little competitiveness in you? I think we all have that spirit inside of us, which is why we have created an evergreen step leaderboard. The leaderboard is tailored  to each client group and resets on the 1st of each month. Are you going to be in the #1 spot this month?

Health Chat (LIVE)

Social support plays an integral role in successful behavior change which is why we have introduced the Health Chat! This chat feature is available on the web and app and allows our members to talk about their health journey, ask questions, and share what has worked for them.

Progress Journal (LIVE)

The Progress Journal feature, also known to our behavior change experts as the “60-second Journal”, allows our members to track their progress with several behaviors in only 60-seconds. The habits tracked are around nutrition, exercise, recovery and barriers. The barrier progress is tailored to each member based on their choices from our barrier assessment. The target for members is to reach 75% or better in all categories. After each time a member completes the journal they are provided an analysis of how close they are to the 75% in each category.

Health Badges (COMING SOON)

Nothing feels better than being told you’re doing a great job or a kind each reaching out when things are hard. This is why we will be giving members virtual badges based on different engagements in the platform and messages for when there is minimal engagement. We want our members to do more than sign up – we want them to engage and succeed.  This feature will be part of enhancing the different levels of support everyone needs through their journey. Fun fact: the badge designs were created by incentaHEALTH’s CTO, Todd McGuire’s kids! Truly a family business.

Daily Health Guidance (CORE UNIQUE FEATURE)

incentaHEALTH has a 365 day curriculum that serves as a daily “nudge” to our members on what they can do today to be healthy. Unlike other programs that have an overwhelming health library to search, we have made healthy behaviors easy by giving our members a health card each day to follow. This health card includes meals, work out, meditation and inspiration. It’s available to view on the web, app, or in an email.

Healthy Selfie & 90-Day Cash Rewards (CORE UNIQUE FEATURES)

When talking about motivation to change, it’s a matter of understanding both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. The ‘healthy selfie’  feature of incentaHEALTH gives our members the best of both worlds. Our incentives act as the extrinsic motivator (the catalyst to start) to sign up and our healthy selfie becomes an intrinsic motivator to keep them in the program and show them how their body changes over time.  81% of surveyed members reported that they have more confidence and feel better about themselves as a result of going through our program, and this keeps them going for the long haul.  To reinforce these new healthy behaviors, members are rewarded every 90-days.  And these private weigh-ins can be done on our HEALTHspot kiosk in the workplace or on our wireless smarts scale at home.

incentaHEALTH works with individuals, employers, physician groups, health systems and more to offer evidence-based weight management and diabetes prevention solutions. Learn how you can make HEALTH rewarding. Schedule a demo today.