Winter Fitness: No Gym Required

Did you know that you don’t need a gym membership to stay in shape? Without a gym membership, many people often feel lost when it comes to staying in shape, especially with winter approaching. Winter activities like skiing and ice skating are great winter activities that will keep you in shape, but these activities aren’t for everyone. Here are some great ideas to keep fit without a gym this fall and winter:

winter fitness

  • Indoor Fitness: From workout DVDs to at-home fitness equipment, you can transform your home into your very own gym. Consider doing more chores around the house or trying out a new fitness video online to keep moving when the weather outside is at its worst.
  • Snow Sprints: Deep snow offers excellent resistance that can lead to a great workout. Consider running through a field of snow or even dust off the old sled! What’s more fun than enjoying freshly fallen snow this winter and getting in shape?
  • Active Television Watching: Are you a TV junkie? Consider running in place or even light weight training during your favorite shows.
  • Take the stairs: Consider using the stairs in your home to your advantage. Climbing the stairs is a great cardio and leg workout, and costs nothing!

Whether participating in an employee weight loss challenge or just trying to find new ways to stay in shape, consider these great fitness tips this winter.

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