incentaHEALTH launches new blood pressure-enhanced wellness kiosk

Jackson National—one of incentaHEALTH’s corporate customers—has just expanded its use of the incentaHEALTH program.  After beginning the program at its headquarters in Lansing Michigan, Jackson National is now offering the program to its Denver employees.

incentaHEALTH Blood Pressure Wellness Kiosk
incentaHEALTH Blood Pressure Wellness Kiosk

The Denver location is also testing out a new blood pressure addition to the HEALTHspot wellness kiosk.  With this new feature, participating employees can privately measure their weight, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and resting heart rate.  The kiosk also takes a private photo of each participant.  This photo creates a private, visual record of the participant’s transformation as they follow incentaHEALTH’s daily email coaching plan.

Hypertension triggers more than one-third of heart attacks, and it is a leading cause of strokes and kidney failure.  As part of an early detection program, the HEALTHspot kiosk immediately notifies any participating employees of dangerously elevated blood pressure readings, directing them to their medical provider for further assistance.

As always, the HEALTHspot kiosk allows incentaHEALTH to offer cash incentives to employees for successfully improving their health.

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