incentaHEALTH Expands Its Wellness Platform to Include the TRALE Health Risk Assessment

incentaHEALTH has expanded its wellness platform with the addition of a Health Risk Assessment (HRA).  We have had many clients ask for an HRA that could be integrated into the core incentaHEALTH system.  With the launch of the TRALE HRA, we can now offer our clients a seamless solution.

HRA Promotional Poster
HRA Promotional Poster

The HRA is designed to objectively assess employee wellness across a broad spectrum of health indicators by combining lifestyle information with biometric data. Based on the wellness score calculated by the HRA, incentaHEALTH provides tailored health coaching modules for each employee participating in the program. Seamless integration with incentaHEALTH’s Health Points system allows employers to provide a wide range of incentives to encourage employee participation.

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