Creating Healthier, Holiday Traditions

As the holiday season has quickly approached, you may be wondering how you’re going to enjoy the holidays and certain traditions given the way COVID-19 has changed almost every part of our lives. This holiday season will most likely look very different for many of us. Take it as an opportunity to find new ways to enjoy the holidays and create new and healthy traditions.

1 | Cook a Healthier Meal

Planning a smaller gathering than normal? Take it as an opportunity to rethink your menu. Try cooking healthier options of your less healthy family favorites. Roast your vegetables in olive or avocado oil instead of baking them in butter or swap half the potatoes for cauliflower in your mashed potatoes. Consider adding vegetable-forward dishes like roasted squash or a green salad with fruit.

2 | Sharing the Day with Friends and Family

Can’t get together with friends or older relatives? You can still enjoy the meal together! Deliver a Thanksgiving feast to older relatives so they can enjoy your world famous green beans still, or leave your favorite pie on your friends or neighbors door steps. Zoom fatigue is real, but you make an exception for Mom or Grandma and eat your meal (or at least dessert) together virtually.

3 | Active (Socially Distanced) Traditions

Create a new Thanksgiving tradition of doing something active. Plan a walking coffee or hot cider date at a local park in the morning with friends or family members you won’t be able to enjoy the meal with. Try our Planksgiving workout, enjoy an early morning pre-meal hike, or go for a post-meal (pre-dessert) walk around your neighborhood.