Enjoying Fall’s Best Foods

The leaves on the trees are changing, the morning air is crisp,  and the days are getting a little shorter. There is no other season quite like fall to step back and take in all the beauty it has to offer. The changing of seasons also ushers in a new selection of produce to enjoy. From root vegetables like squashes and pumpkins to varieties of apples, here are some ways to take in all your nutrients this autumn.

From Honeycrisp to Gala or Jonathan and even Granny Smith, apples are everywhere this time of year. Most of the time we see them covered in sugar like the Halloween staple, caramel apples. However, apples are incredibly sweet on their own and don’t need added sugar to bring out their sweetness. Try slicing them and baking them in the oven with some cinnamon for an afternoon snack. If your craving dessert, look no further than a healthier apple crisp. Made with less sugar and oats for added fiber, it’s a great treat to not feel guilty about.

TRY IT! Baked Apple Crisp

Nothing says fall more than pumpkins. It’s a fall pastime to take the whole family out to pick their very own pumpkin and carve their own unique faces. Instead of letting them go to waste, try using them in dishes for some extra vitamin C to help ward off the inevitable winter cold. Pumpkin seeds can be easily roasted with some fresh herbs as a great snack and pumpkins can be boiled down easily. Once boiled, all you need is to puree them and you have a great dinner to warm up with.

TRY IT! Pumpkin Soup

Although beets have gotten a bad rap in the past, if cooked properly they can add a beautiful rich color to any dish. Beets seem to be trending lately and they are popping up in many unique ways. Roasted beets are the easiest way to work with them. They pair well roasted in salads with some fresh goat cheese and even as a side dish in a sweet potato hash. Looking for a salty snack? Try slicing the beets real thin and baking them with a small bit of seasoning. They will be a great treat and will make you question those other boring, unhealthy snack choices you have been making.

TRY IT! Beet Chips

When thinking about a staple fall vegetables, carrots are almost always on hand in your kitchen. They go well in stocks and soups, can be pureed in a soup, or even added to salads for a pop of color. Carrots are a very versatile vegetable and although most people tend to eat them raw, roasted carrots can be just as tasty. If cut into sticks, you can bake them into a new take on a french fry. They are perfectly crispy, just what any dish needs to be complete.

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