Staying Active Over the Holidays

For many of us our days are packed with work, helping children with remote learning, holiday shopping and the other dozen things on your daily to-do list. It can feel difficult to add time for exercising into the mix. Over the holidays you’re most likely consuming more calories than normal, so remaining active is important. Plus, as we touched on last week exercise plays an important role in your mental health and can be a great stress-reliever.

1. Getting Active Together

Get family and friends involved. There is no better way to get active then with a cheering squad. Some fun ideas may include going for a walk around your local park with friends, playing a game of catch in the backyard, evening neighborhood strolls to look at decorations, ice skating or participating in a virtual 5k.

2. Plan it Out

Schedules are a little hectic these days, so plan out your physical activity each week. Add it to your calendar or set an alarm or reminder on your phone to exercise a few days a week at least. Use your daily exercise plans as your guide for success. Workout with Coach Kenna or go for a guided walk or run with the incentaHEALTH app.

3. Little Things Add Up

Don’t have time for a long workout? Add activity throughout your day. Get up and move each hour. It doesn’t have to be a lot of movement, but something to get your blood moving. You can try 10 jumping jacks, 20 squats, marching in place for 30 seconds or doing yoga stretches for a minute. Consider taking the stairs over an elevator or parking further away in the parking lot (car social distancing if you will). Make a conscious effort to add movement throughout your day. Go ahead stand up right now and do a couple lunges.