What is the National DPP?

In the United States an estimated 88 million – that’s 1 in 3 adults – has prediabetes. More shocking, 90% don’t know they have it. 

The National DPP Program

To address this rising health crisis, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) created the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP). The National DPP is a network of organizations that use the framework provided by the CDC to prevent and reduce the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes with a lifestyle intervention.

Who is at risk for Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes?

The National DPP is for individuals with prediabetes or with other risk factors for developing Type 2 diabetes. Prediabetes means your blood sugar is higher than the normal range, but not high enough to have been diagnosed with diabetes. 

Here are few things that puts individuals at risk for prediabetes or developing Type 2 diabetes:

  • 45+ years old
  • Physically active less than 3 times a week
  • Family history of Type 2 diabetes
  • History of gestational diabetes
  • Overweight or Obese
  • High blood pressure or cholesterol

Individuals at risk could benefit from the support of a prediabetes program and Type 2 diabetes prevention program like the NDPP.

CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP)

To ensure organizations are delivering high quality and effective diabetes prevention programs, the CDC set standards with their Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP). The DPRP assures that organizations can effectively deliver an evidence-based lifestyle change program. CDC-recognized organizations must follow CDC-approved curriculum, which is delivered by a certified Diabetes Lifestyle Coach over the course of one year in a series of sessions. Organizations are regularly monitored and evaluated to ensure participants are achieving required performance and engagement metrics. 

National DPP Structure and #PreventDiabetes

CDC DPP is delivered by a CDC-recognized provider and share these common required features:

  • Year long lifestyle change program
  • Follows the CDC’s Prevent T2 curriculum
  • Uses a certified Diabetes Lifestyle Coach
  • Tracks participants weight, food intake, physical activity and coaching sessions attended

#PreventDiabetes by incentaHEALTH follows the above CDC requirements with our virtual app and web based CDC-approved NDPP. Each #PreventDiabetes participant receives an at-home wellness kit with Smart Scale to automate and authenticate weight loss. As an online diabetes prevention program, weekly sessions are attended via on-demand videos, providing members more flexibility. A Diabetes Lifestyle Coach connects with members after each session to provide additional support.

In addition members have access to:

  • Mindfulness library of guided meditations
  • Daily meal ideas based on dietary preference
  • Exercise plans with workout videos and guides
  • Cash wellness incentives for achieving weight loss metrics every 90 days
  • Daily coaching by email, app or text
  • Action plan journal
  • Health chat
  • Online and app physical activity tracking and food log
  • Activity tracker syncing

The Impact of a Lifestyle Intervention

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) has shown that a 5-7% weight loss reduced the risk for developing Type 2 diabetes by 58% in adults. The incentaHEALTH #PreventDiabetes platform outperformed the CDC’s standards in relation to weight loss, physical activity tracking and weight loss tracking. 

What Can I Do?

Intervention is key. #PreventDiabetes by incentaHEALTH partners with employers, health systems, researchers and medical groups to offer a scalable solution to the diabetes health crisis. Contact incentaHEALTH today for a demo of how our the #PreventDiabetes platform can help your workplace thrive through better health.