Encouraging Your Co-Workers to Manage Their Weight with You

Eating with Your Coworkers
Eating with Your Coworkers

Watching what you eat can be difficult if you are at your desk watching your co-workers eat unhealthy food all day long. It can be tempting to join them. From potlucks to birthday parties, it seems like there is no way to avoid all of the unhealthy food around the office. Why not encourage your co-workers to start the healthier lifestyle process with you?

  • Having someone for support can help you stay on track. If you are in it together, you’ll have a shoulder to lean on when cravings set in.
  • Ask someone to join you for your lunch time workout.
  • Sharing meal ideas is an excellent way to stay on track. After you exercise, you can all sit down to a group lunch where no one is eating unhealthy food. Additionally, you can share dinner recipes that work for the entire family.
  • You can all feel a sense of accomplishment and share your successes with each other.

Talk to your co-workers today and see who is interested in starting a weight management regimen.

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