incentaHEALTH Member Focuses on Whole Body Health

Lauren joined incentaHEALTH in 2021 as a way of holding herself accountable to her weight loss and health goals. Today, she has completed one year of the program and has lost 76 pounds!

Lauren used incentaHEALTH to improve not only her physical health, but her mental health as well. 

“When starting the program my goal was to first have a handle on my mental health and binge eating disorder and then start taking the weight off slowly, knowing that I’ll have ups and downs but that I’ll always be able to get back on track quickly with my mental health tools.”

Weight loss can be just as much a mental game as it is a physical one, Lauren recognized that this would not be an easy, or quick journey.

“My greatest hurdle has been the many weeks of plateaus! I can’t even begin to explain the frustration in those weeks when you are doing everything right and even chasing things up to see nothing! Then people say that weight loss is not linear. What I do to get through that is talk to my support networks and we chat daily about non scale victories. There are so many non scale victories to celebrate and they can be overlooked so easily! That gets me through the plateaus that make weight loss frustrating and sometimes feel impossible. I also remind myself that this is a forever change too.”

There are so many non scale victories to celebrate and they can be overlooked so easily

Lauren was motivated to make progress to not only feel and look better, but also to earn cash rewards that she could use towards updating her wardrobe.

“IncentaHEALTH has worked because it has been a great incentive to keep going for cash rewards when I already had plans for my health anyway! I keep thinking about a great outfit I’ll buy when I get to the next goal. Each time I feel great about how I look and feel in the new shirt or dress I bought with my reward money that I earned by taking control of my health.”

Lauren lost 76 pounds – a 30% weight improvement, reduced her BMI by 14.36 points and has earned $255. She is a great example of how consistency and a positive mindset can result in reaching your health goals!