incentaHEALTH’s Community Wellness Programs Rapidly Engage the Consumer Health Market

Examining the market reach of incentaHEALTH’s community wellness platform is yielding some surprising results.  In the Colorado market, our Weigh and Win program (run in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente Colorado) has reached almost 2% of the statewide overweight population.  For a program only 3 years old, that is a rapid adoption rate.

In a similar community wellness program we are conducting in Minnesota, we are experiencing even more dramatic results.  In the small town of New Ulm, we have enrolled over 20% of the town’s overweight population.  You can see a visual summary of the market reach for both areas in the graph below.

Market Penetration for Community Wellness
Market Penetration for Community Wellness

It seems the incentaHEATH’s unique combination of behavioral economics (we reward people for achieving a healthier BMI), team-based health challenges,  and private wellness kiosks is an attractive combination for individuals looking to improve their health.

Please let us know if you are interested in brining measurable wellness to your community!

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