It’s Okay to Brag!

We live in a world of real-time, efficient and easy communication! From mobile smartphones, to the vast array of social networks that currently exist, it’s now easier than ever to stay connected! These forms of communication are transforming many industries, including corporate wellness! At, we not only embrace new social technologies, but encourage participants in our corporate weight loss programs to use social media to motivate–and brag about–their success!  How does Brag to Facebook work?

It’s easy! We encourage participants to voluntarily post their progress and weight loss results directly to their Facebook profiles. In the image below you can see the “Brag to Facebook” button appears on the user’s Progress Report.

Weight Loss Competition

We also make it possible for participants to post before and after photos that are taken when weighing in at our HEALTHspot kiosk onto their Facebook wall for their friends to see. After we soft launched this concept, we realized participants were very willing to share their success; and some even felt that this form of social sharing helped keep them motivated to do better and better. By using Brag to Facebook, participants have said that displaying these results creates social accountability that helps them stay committed to their newly found healthier lifestyle.

We firmly believe that, when you work hard, you deserve to brag about your results! It’s just one of the philosophies that help make Brag to Facebook a great success. For more information on Brag to Facebook, or how you can begin a corporate wellness program, please drop Todd McGuire a line at [email protected].

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