Social Media and New Technology for Your Health


It’s no secret that wellness programs help encourage workers to take initiative for improving their health; but, with the integration of social media and mobile technology with wellness programs, it’s even easier and more effective to get on the path to a healthier life. Here are a few reasons social media can help promote wellness:

  • Participants are publicly rewarded for their success. With features like Brag to Facebook from incentaHEALTH, participants have the ability to share their success within their circle of friends and receive praise almost immediately. It’s this type of social accountability that makes social media an excellent wellness goal motivator.
  • Social media allows participants to share health tips with their friends who may also be struggling with weight related issues. From sharing their results, to simply sharing a favorite recipe, using social media to promote and spread wellness can help others seek out a similar path to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.
  • In our survey we found that nearly 27.7% of people use social networking sites multiple times a day! By using social media to promote wellness and health, you have the potential to reach many social media users. Sharing health tips and even weight loss results is a positive way to use social networking, and a powerful way to help encourage others to take action with their health.
  • With 64% of participants in possession of some type of smartphone, the ability to access health related apps, as well as stay connected with social networking sites, makes health tips even more accessible, anywhere you might be.

Conversation leads to motivation; and this motivation can be turned into action, which is the best recipe for success. Social media is strongly centered around social conversation, and using these channels to promote good health makes corporate wellness programs even more powerful! For a copy of our latest Mobile and Social Media in Wellness survey, contact Todd McGuire today!

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