Community wellness program reaches 23,000 Coloradans!

Weigh and Win Kiosk Map
Weigh and Win Kiosk Map (partial)

In about 18 months over 23,000 citizens of Colorado have enrolled in a first-of-its-kind community wellness program.  The program, a private labeled version of incentaHEALTH called, pays people to achieve a healthy weight.  40 HEALTHspot kiosks are deployed across the state.  Participants simply stop by one of the kiosks and track their weight.  The process takes about 60 seconds and is completely private.  Kiosks are located in libraries, rec centers, and even American Furniture Warehouse stores!

Participants receive daily email and SMS messages instructing them on each day’s exercise and eating plan.  Every 90 days participants losing weight are awarded a cash incentive based on how much weight they lose.  A 5% improvement results in a $15 incentive.  A 10% reduction earns a $30 incentive.   The incentives increase all the way up to $150 for someone reducing their weight by 30%.  And if the participant returns to the kiosk, they can keep earning incentives for maintaining a healthy weight.  The incentive amounts are delivered on a bright blue Weigh and Win branded VISA card.  The incentives are reloaded on the cards every 90 days following a successful weigh in.

Here at incentaHEALTH we are very excited to see our corporate wellness platform being successfully adapted to the Colorado community.  Hopefully we can continue to expand this great initiative and help other communities across the nation take measurable steps to combat obesity.

A recent Weigh and Win interview with Colorado Public News can be viewed here.