Maintaining a Corporate Wellness Program – Individual Options

One of the aspects of running a corporate wellness programIndividual Options | Coroporate Wellness | is the team challenge. Getting many people who work together involved at the same time gives them motivation to lose weight and improve their health for the good of the team, as well as themselves. These people will often be found eating together, going to the gym together, and helping each other feel better about the methods they are using to lose weight.

That said, there are always individuals who are sensitive about their health and want to make their health improvements a personal journey. Whether they have been overweight their whole life and want to make the change or are just not into getting involved with others because of an existing health issue, it is important to respect that difference. We have noticed that programs run smoothly when there are individual incentives for everyone and group incentives for those who want to opt into team challenges.

Take a look at your corporate wellness program and see what you can do about offering individual and group incentive plans. Making this a successful program is very important, so it is important to do what you can to tailor your program to the team.

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