Maintaining a Corporate Wellness Program – Offering the Right Program

Working Out | Corporate Wellness | IncentaHealth.comHow many times have you started a focused corporate wellness program, only to have lukewarm reactions? Many companies have conducted a health risk assessment and offered specific wellness programs to employees, but have discovered that most of these employees have filed the information away and, on occasion, completely forgotten about the entire program because they were not motivated to look at it. This is your chance to find a program that motivates your employees.

Most HRAs discover that many members of the workforce in general is overweight, stressed, sedentary, and is looking at problems related to heath health. All of these problems can be improved by healthy eating and active living. Providing them with a program that helps them improve the way they live can be more beneficial than just targeting their specific issues. Once they start these programs, you’ll find that they may be more receptive to specialized programs as time goes on.

Losing weight and improving one’s health problems is a hard process that involves making lifestyle changes. works hard to set up new programs for your employees, giving them the chance to feel better about themselves and, in turn, becoming better employees! Talk to us today and discover what options we have to help your business get started.

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