What are the Benefits of Running a Corporate Weight Loss Challenge?

Imagine a workplace full of happier, healthier employees. Health is one of the major concerns throughout the world.  As obesity climbs and sedentary lifestyles increase, so have health complications and preventable diseases. Many people fall into a constant cycle of excuses, using lack of time as an excuse for not fitting exercise into their busy work and life schedules.  Incentives are extremely effective motivators that can aid individuals on their journey toward a healthier life.  A corporate weight loss challenge is an exceptional way to motivate employees to exercise and become more health conscious, while also providing motivational incentives. What are some of the other benefits of running a corporate weight loss challenge?

 The many benefits of a corporate weight loss program.

  • Happier, healthier employees! As already mentioned, a corporate weight loss challenge can lead to a healthier and happier employee. Employee health and happiness are extremely important to ensure productivity and low absenteeism. A major concern of all employers should be their employees’ health, both physical and mental.
  • Another result of a corporate weight loss challenge is the improved morale of all participating employees. Losing weight, especially in a slightly competitive setting, is an excellent morale booster. Participants can find joy in knowing they’re losing weight and becoming healthier week after week.
  • Corporate weight loss challenges can also lead to more productive employees. Healthy habits and exercise are incredible stress busters. A less stressed employee is a more productive employee. Statistics have shown that healthier employees are more productive overall.
  • Reducing absenteeism is also a direct result of a healthier lifestyle. Healthy eating and an active lifestyle lead to a stronger immune system, which in turn results in a healthier employee who misses fewer work days due to illness.
  • A corporate weight loss challenge can even save employers money. Lower health care costs are one of the biggest benefits of a corporate weight loss challenge. Find out more about how to lower your company’s health costs by clicking here.

One of the biggest issues affecting today’s workforce is the growing epidemic of obesity. Providing employees with practical tools and tips for living a healthier lifestyle is just one of the ways a corporate weight loss challenge can help to abolish the growing epidemic.