Boone Heart Institute and incentaHEALTH Partner to Offer Weight Management and Diabetes Prevention Solutions to Patients

Boone Heart Institute has partnered with digital wellness company incentaHEALTH to expand their patient offerings with the incentaHEALTH virtual weight management and diabetes prevention programs. The partnership is an opportunity for physicians to prescribe better health to their patients in a cost-effective way with a turn-key solution that can be followed from the comfort of home. 

The Boone Heart Institute was founded by Dr. Jeffrey Boone with the mission of eradicating stroke and heart disease. It has since evolved to encompass a wide-reaching suite of organizations from preventive health care to nonprofit and community organizations. The partnership with incentaHEALTH brings powerful new tools to enhance the Institute’s focus on preventing chronic disease.

“Boone Heart Institute staff will now be able to seamlessly refer patients into incentaHEALTH’s weight management or diabetes prevention program based on the patient’s need. incentaHEALTH will support the patient with a year long nutrition and exercise program and progress tracking tools,” said Todd McGuire, Chief Technology Officer for incentaHEALTH. “And with our real-time analytics, the medical team will have access to each patient’s progress.”

The evidence-based incentaHEALTH program gives patients the tools to improve their health and decrease their risk for heart disease with daily app-based coaching with exercise plans with videos and guides, meal plans, access to coaches and more. Patient progress is monitored with weigh-ins on the wireless scale included in their Wellness Jumpstart Kit. This allows patients to be rewarded for weight loss every 90 days with cash. 

Patients with prediabetes can enroll in the enhanced diabetes prevention program, #PreventDiabetes, which includes all the features of the weight management program plus 26 on-demand educational sessions, additional tracking tools and the support of a certified Diabetes Lifestyle Coach. The incentaHEALTH #PreventDiabetes program is fully recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as part of their National Diabetes Prevention Program and has been proven to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by 58%.

Being overweight or obese increases the risk for developing heart disease. Weight loss not only improves cardiovascular health, but can also reduce the risk for associated conditions like high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol, which tend to increase heart disease risk. 

The incentaHEALTH program is a proven solution that provides long term results. A study found that 71% of incentaHEALTH members have lost weight with an average program engagement length of 1.7 years. incentaHEALTH works with individuals, employers, physician groups, health systems and more to offer evidence-based weight management and diabetes prevention solutions. Contact us to learn more and schedule a demo.