Don’t Sabotage Your Corporate Wellness Program: Part 2

When you are offering incentives to your employees to lead a healthier lifestyle through a corporate wellness office wellnessprogram, it’s important to be mindful of the small things that can set them back and make it harder to be successful.  We’re outlining a few of the changes that you can make to encourage a positive outcome and keep them from being sidetracked. Culprits #1 and #2 belong to the vending machine and the conference room, and here are two more that could use a bit of attention.

Culprit #3: The Coffeemaker / Break Room

We’re not suggesting you remove the coffeemaker, lest you want to incite a riot, but make healthier options available – stock up on decaf coffee as well as regular. It may be wise to invest in a single-cup brewing system like a Keurig so that each person can make what they want. They also have green tea cups to really encourage healthier drinking habits! Also, provide a fresh cream option instead of pre-packaged creamers or flavors that are full of trans fats and sugar. Keep sugar alternatives like Stevia and Splenda on hand as well, for those folks trying to stay away from sugar.

Culprit #4: Desk chairs

You’re certainly not going to rid the place of desk chairs, we know, but keep a handful of inflatable exercise balls on hand so your employees can feel free to change things up and spend some time bouncing instead of just sitting still. This engages the core muscles and helps them work out while they work!

When you offer an employee wellness program at work, remember to address the little things around the office that could hinder progress or sabotage your employees’ efforts. Your attention to the little details will show that you are invested in their success and health.

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