Why Not Consider Adding A Fitbit-Powered Smart Pedometer Program to Your Workplace Weight Loss Challenge?

FlexRedIt doesn’t have to be burdensome to reach your fitness goals, when you have the proper tools. If your corporate wellness program seems to be underperforming, perhaps you need to adjust your focus and provide more essential tools to keep your participants motivated and informed. A Fitbit-powered pedometer program is a great addition to any wellness program, as it allows participants to see how active they are on any given day. Seeing these results in real time helps motivate participants to try and do better each and every day.

incentaHEALTH has made it easy to measure your results. Using the Fitbit activity tracker, your steps are recorded in the incentaHEALTH dashboard, which shows participants their progress in the program. A Fitbit-powered pedometer program also rewards weight loss participants with incentives for improvement. By averaging 5,000 steps per day, a participant can earn a $10.00 reward; and, by increasing those steps to a daily average of 10,000 steps, participants can earn $20.00. We believe good health habits deserve great rewards, which is why we offer these cash incentives.

A Fitbit-powered smart pedometer program might be a perfect addition to your corporate wellness program! By offering incentives to participants who are adding more physical activity to their daily lives and showing them exactly how active they are, a Fitbit-powered pedometer program provides the foundation for better health. To learn more about how to start a Fitbit-powered smart pedometer program, visit incentaHEALTH.com today.Fitbit_Zip_Hand

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