Work Out While You Work

Exercising at Work Can Be a Ball
Exercising at Work Can Be a Ball

Everyone knows that working at a desk contributes to inactivity, and staring at a computer all day can zap your energy. It doesn’t have to be that way! Aside from getting up and moving, there are a variety of great small exercises you can do at your desk to keep you active, relieve stiffness, and give you the motivation to get up and go after you have completed your work for the day.

  • Pump Your Arms – While you are sitting down, pump your arms over your head for about 30 seconds. Getting your arms moving will help get your blood flowing. Additionally, studies have shown that putting your arms in power positions, such as up in the air, can help give you confidence to take on any task and interact with people.
  • Leg Stretches – Stretch one of your legs out in front of you and keep it in the air for about two seconds. Then, stretch your other leg out and repeat. Doing this about 20 times can help you build lower-body strength.
  • Neck Flexes – Move your head forwards, backwards, and side to side. This little exercise can relieve neck tension and stop you from feeling strain. It is important that you do not roll your head in a circle, as this may cause neck joint damage.
  • Use a Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser – Did you know that you can purchase a bike pedal exerciser that fits right under your desk? These great little machines are quiet and perfect for people who want to avoid inactivity at their desks.
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