8 Easy Exercise You Can Do with a Pumpkin

Try out this healthy Halloween Pumpkin workout! Depending on your fitness level, complete 10-20 repetitions of each exercise and 1-3 sets of each.

1 | Oblique Taps

Rotate the pumpkin from side to site, gently tapping the pumpkin on the ground on each side.

2 | Squats

Hold the pumpkin at chest height and perform a squat.

3 | Uneven pushups

Place one hand on the pumpkin and the other on the ground. Do half your sets on one side and then switch.

4 | Lunge and Twist

Hold the pumpkin at chest height, step forward to perform a lunge and rotate your upper body and pumpkin to the opposite side as the leg you stepped forward with. Step back so your feet are together and switch sides.

5 | Rainbow Press

Hold the pumpkin at shoulder height on one side and then press it up and over your head and bring back down to shoulder height on the other side.

6 | Biceps Hold

With your arms bent at a 90 degree angle and your palms facing up and holding the pumpkin out in front of you, hold the pumpkin steady for 20-30 seconds for each set.

7 | Single Leg Deadlift

Standing on one leg, let the weight of the pumpkin pull you down as your other leg rises behind you until your raised leg is in line with your flat back.

8 | Sit-ups

Hold the pumpkin on your chest and perform a sit-up using the pumpkin as resistance.