Healthier Holiday Eating Tips: How to Enjoy the Holidays With Balance

Let’s be honest, eating healthy over the holidays can be hard. The key word this holiday season is balance. Food is not a reward. Exercise is not a punishment for eating. Keep that in mind this year. Enjoy the holiday season to its fullest by sticking with your healthy eating habits and exercise routine AND allowing yourself to indulge in your holiday favorites.

Well Rested = Better Choices

The holidays can be a busy time, between meal planning, shopping, and gatherings with friends and family. Try to stay well-rested and get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. When you’re tired your body often craves sugary, high-fat foods. When you’re well-rested you’re more likely to make smart choices. Have an activity tracker that tracks sleep? Sync it with your account (under Coaching Tools) to track all your health data in one spot!

Practice Mindful Eating

We only get those special holiday foods a few times a year, so enjoy! Practice mindful eating, not mindless. Savor every bite, the smells and the experience. To mindfully eat, slow down your chewing and use all your senses to be present with your meal. Be purposeful and thoughtful of your food choices and truly enjoy the foods you choose to consume!

Enjoy Appropriate Portions

You’re at a party and there are trays of cheese, mini appetizers and cookies. They’re small – so they can’t have too many calories, right? Wrong. One easy way to manage portions is to use a smaller plate. Also, make sure you’re filling up at least half your plate with healthy options to maintain a balance. With so many temptations around, make a plan for what goodies you want to indulge in and skip the items you don’t enjoy as much.