Eating Right at Work

Businesswoman in cubicle using laptop and eating salad
Enjoy a Delicious Salad on Your Lunch Break!

Making sure that you eat right at work doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Having the right fuel to keep you going is important. If you start the week with a menu plan, you’ll have no problem keeping the weight off while you are working your day away.

  • Eat Small and Frequently –Take the time to plan out five or six meals a day to help you perform better.
  • Avoid Fast Food –By bringing your own food to the office, you’ll have control of what you eat and won’t waste your entire break sitting in a drive-thru line.
  • Treat Yourself – When you avoid sweets, it can make your cravings more intense. Keep healthy sweet treats at your desk for those moments when you need a small indulgence. Trail mix, berries, and fruit are great options.
  • Don’t Work Through Lunch – Working and eating at the same time can be very distracting. This may cause you to overeat and won’t give you the mental break that you need. Sit down at a table and pay attention to how much you are eating.
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