Case Study: Engaging the Hard to Reach

Industry: Manufacturing, 2,500 employees
Participant Profile: 59% male, 45 average age
Work Setting: Office and construction workers
Location: 23 locations in 12 states


We built upon the client’s commitment to employee health by providing a wellness solution that successfully incentivizes employees to achieve a healthy weight and get rewarded for their active lifestyles. This is done through incentaHEALTH’s HEALTHspot® kiosk, challenges and activity tracking system which allows members to sync over 100 different types of trackers and apps to monitor their step activity. Throughout this relationship, employees have lost over 2,000 pounds.

Key Outcomes

66% are losing weight

5.1% average weight loss 

Health Outcomes
Downward BMI trend among employees, average employee BMI has lowered 1.7 points or 10.7 lbs

Success: Maxine

“incentaHEALTH worked for me because it is easy to utilize the site and I like that the scale works with my phone for comfort and ease. I like the group challenges because you have multiple people to whom you are held accountable. I’m more confident in my appearance now and I have better health. I am only 10 pounds from my goal weight!”

Employee Impact

Since the incentaHEALTH program, I feel so much better overall and feel like I made life changes that I can continue without feeling like I am missing anything in my life. Tyin gmy shoes without breathing hard is awesome also!

Lost 36 pounds

I needed to lose weight for my daugther’s wedding and I was also feeling super unhealthy. When the weight loss and walking challenge started, I thought this would be a great way to start! I like the challenges. Having to make sure I have certain amounts of steps daily to meet a quote really pushes me some days.

Lost 50 pounds

I like that incentaHEALTH has accountability. I like getting daily emails, keeping track of my progress, the rewards, and the challenges. I feel so much better. I have more energy and sleep better.

Lost 41 pounds

I joined incentaHEALTH because I wanted to get healthy and lose some weight. The emails have been informative and helped educate me on what to eat. Now I am more active, feel better and have a better outlook on every part of my life.

Lost 50 pounds