How a “Healthy Selfie” and the HEALTHspot Scale Supports Long Term Weight Management


Two of the biggest challenges when implementing a population health program are engagement and retention. To address these challenges, incentaHEALTH has designed a powerful behavior change approach that combines behavioral economics and visual progress tracking to dramatically increase initial program engagement and sustain long term weight management outcomes.

In the video below, watch as incentaHEALTH Chief Technology Officer Todd McGuire explains how gamification, remote patient monitoring, and digital health coaching tools can result in durable behavior change across employer, health plan, and community health settings.


To read more about the long term BMI improvements achieved by the incentaHEALTH platform, please view the research published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine that evaluated 40,000 program participants over 4 years and found that 71% of engaged participants lost weight, and kept it off for over 1.7 years.