Wyoming Health Department Continues Partnership with incentaHEALTH

The Wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Division, has continued their partnership with incentaHEALTH to offer incentaHEALTH’s virtual diabetes prevention program, #PreventDiabetes, to Wyoming residents. The program has been a success and we are excited to continue working with the Wyoming Department of Health to reduce the incidence of Type II Diabetes in the state.

Here are what some Wyomingites are saying about the program:

“One of the things that I love about the incentaHEALTH program is the meal suggestions that are provided.  They have worked well for me,  The other thing that   I love about the program is the weekly weigh-ins.  The weigh-ins work well for me by making me more accountable. I also love that a scale is provided with the program.”


“My health is much better since I began the program.  My joints do not hurt like they did before and I am eating differently.  I attribute my progress to eating snacks between meals, preparing and eating healthier meals, and being more active.”


The Wyoming Department of Health was seeking a partner to deliver a CDC Diabetes Prevention Program through a digital platform. The goal is to increase access to and participation in a lifestyle change program for individuals in Wyoming who are at high-risk for developing Type 2 diabetes with a focus on reaching rural communities.

The Wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Division, works to protect the health of Wyoming communities and prevent disease and injury. 

The incentaHEALTH #PreventDiabetes program is a year-long virtual lifestyle change program built upon incentaHEALTH’s evidence-based weight management platform. Individuals can reduce their risk for developing Type 2 diabetes with the support of app-based coaching with exercise plans and meal ideas, educational on-demand video sessions, the support of a certified Diabetes Lifestyle Coach and more. Progress is tracked through healthy selfie photographed weigh-ins with authenticated weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) data. Members are rewarded for achieving weight loss benchmarks every 90 days. 

incentaHEALTH works with individuals, employers, physician groups, health systems and more to offer evidence-based weight management and diabetes prevention solutions. Learn how you can make HEALTH rewarding. Schedule a demo today.