850 KOA Announces Boulder Partnership with Weigh and Win

Boulder County Public Health, Boulder Valley School District and the City of Boulder Parks & Recreation Announce Partnership with Weigh and Win



BOULDER, March 30, 2016 ­­Boulder County Public Health, Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) and the City of Boulder Parks & Recreation have partnered together to support a Weigh and Win kiosk, providing free, personalized health coaching and cash rewards for weight loss to local community members.

The BVSD and Weigh and Win collaboration began in January of 2015 when the school district was awarded a partial grant to host a kiosk, initially located at the Boulder Valley YMCA. Boulder County Public Health and the City of Boulder Parks & Recreation have since joined together with BVSD to support funding of the kiosk and ensure that the free resource continues to be available to local communi7ty members. The weigh-in station is located at the East Boulder Community Center (5660 Sioux Dr., Boulder, 80303) and is currently available to the public.

A second Weigh and Win kiosk, supported by the same partnership, is located at the North Boulder Recreation Center (3170 Broadway, Boulder, 80304) providing further accessibility for residents on either end of the City.

“Boulder Valley School District is pleased to be entering its second year of partnership with Weigh and Win,” said Kevin Hamilton, HRIS & Benefits Director of BVSD. “The program offers a fantastic way for residents, our employees and their family members to engage in healthy behaviors, which supports our long-standing efforts to build a healthier community.”

Of the 4,300 Weigh and Win enrollments in Boulder County, the average participant has an initial BMI (body mass index) of 31, weighs 191 pounds and is 46 years old.

“We’re delighted to partner with Weigh and Win to help Boulder County residents improve their health,” said Rachel Arndt, Healthy Eating and Active Living coordinator of Boulder County Public Health. “Weigh and Win has proven to help individuals lose weight and, subsequently, improve their overall health. Helping to fund the program here gives more of our residents the opportunity to participate.”

For more information, contact Kaytee Long at [email protected].

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