Maintaining a Corporate Wellness Program – Communication

Exercising Man | Coporate Wellness | IncentaHealth.comMaking sure that you communicate with the participants in your corporate wellness program guarantees that everyone knows what is going on at all times. It’s up to you and your team to make sure you use the proper communication methods, making sure that your employees do not get overwhelmed by participating.

One of the communication methods that can be daunting to a stressed-out employee is receiving a personalized phone call from a nurse or health coach. It may sound like a beneficial way to communicate, but to employees who spend all day on the phone, this can be an added stress. Making this more stressful is not a road they want to walk down.

When we asked what methods employees would prefer for communication, we found that a lot of employees prefer social media tools for communication, such as Facebook. Using social media to communicate is great because most if not all of your employees use some kind of social media every day!

Take some time to speak to your employees and see what methods they would prefer for communications. Once you know, you can feel confident that your corporate wellness program will be more successful. Additionally, you can contact us and request a copy of our 2011 Mobile and Social Media in Wellness Survey for more information.

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